Fall Term Classes

BIB 107- Pauline Epistles I
Surveys of the Pauline Epistles, stressing the key cultural, historical, doctrinal, and practical themes.

BIB 101- Old Testament Survey I
Survey of the biblical books of Genesis through Malachi with emphasis upon the message, major themes, structure, and distinctive features.

CE 121- Hermeneutics
This course focuses on Biblical hermeneutics, specifically on how to read, study, and understand the Bible. In this course, students will be introduced to foundational principles in Biblical interpretation such as literature, authorship, nature of the Bible, redemptive history, and Biblical theology. Students will learn how to apply these principles to their Biblical interpretation in actual Bible study projects.

CE 126- Prayer I
This course offers students an in-depth look at prayer through studying biblical passages and ministry lessons on the subject, also featuring the unique and rich insights of several qualified ministry leaders, and times of practical application.

CE 128- Missions
Survey of the biblical basis of missions, the history of missions, and strategies of missions, along with interactions from Calvary Corvallis’ missions team and selected visiting missionaries.

TH 111- Christian Theology I
Survey of Christian doctrine, emphasizing a systematic approach to studying the essential teachings of the Christian faith as revealed in God’s Holy Word.