We are so glad that you are interested in becoming a student at Cornerstone School of Ministry! While CSOM is an academic endeavor, the greater work God desires to do is a spiritual work. At Cornerstone, we emphasize spiritual growth primarily through understanding God’s Word, while building lasting relationships with the staff and students of CSOM. This nine-month program builds the foundation for critical thinking through the scriptures. Students are encouraged often to draw biblical conclusions, which lead to life and service by the way of reason.

Part-Time Classes

Perhaps your schedule doesn’t allow for full-time attendance at Cornerstone, we welcome students interesting in taking part-time classes. Part-time students may take as many or as few classes as they prefer. Each term a flier is released which includes an abbreviated application and lists the courses available and current pricing, along with summaries of each course, the times and days they take place, and their credit hours (see the bottom of this page for the current flier). Part-time students are a valuable part of the school and their presence is a great blessing and enhancement to the whole CSOM community!

If you have any additional inquiries or questions, or would like more information, please contact us at We look forward to talking and praying with you through this decision.

For more insight into Cornerstone’s culture and policies, see our Student Handbook below.

Certificate of Biblical Ministries

A year of study at Cornerstone is the foundation which students will build upon the rest of their lives. Following a year at CSOM, students often choose to continue their academic pursuits at other Bible colleges, public universities, or various missionary organizations. Our nine-month School of Ministry (certificate) program has these fundamental goals:

  • Form a basic understanding of all of Scripture
  • Build a foundational knowledge in the major doctrines of the Christian faith
  • Develop skills in hermeneutics
  • Develop an appreciation for ministry and missions
  • Grow in a personal and intimate walk with God
  • Develop a servant’s heart for biblical ministry
  • Complete 48 credit hours of rigorous study

For 2019-2020 please follow the link:

Cornerstone School of Ministry Application

Personal Reference Form
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Pastoral Reference Form

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For more details about Cornerstone and its programs see our Handbook:
School Catalog & Student Handbook 2017-2018