Q: What is unique about Cornerstone School of Ministry?
A: Cornerstone offers a solid classroom experience which grows students in their knowledge of the Lord and the things if the Lord. The school’s small class sizes and the culture of prayer, worship, and service pair perfectly with the academic experience to create an environment of rich spiritual growth and formation. Cornerstone is passionate about loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Q: Can I work while attending Cornerstone?
A: It is strongly suggested that a student enrolled full-time at Cornerstone not work more than 20 hours a week. This is due to the environment of both academic rigor and deep spiritual formation, with out-of-class events and regular times of practical service as well.

Q: What kind of housing is available for Cornerstone?
A: Cornerstone does not have on-campus housing. However, because of our location in Corvallis, home of Oregon State University (OSU), there is ample opportunity for student housing. There are Christian co-op houses near OSU’s campus, and if you’re interested in that kind of living arrangement, Cornerstone can get you the information to connect with them. (Over the years there have been some families from the Calvary Chapel Corvallis(CCC) church body which have opened their homes to host students.)

Q: Can I break up the nine-month program to make scheduling and/or finances easier?
A: Cornerstone offers part-time classes, allowing for great variety and flexibility for those enrolled as part-time students. Part-time students can take as many or as few classes as they would like. Credits from part-time classes accumulate, allowing for as much time as is needed to build up the necessary credits for a Certificate of Biblical and Ministry Studies. All of Cornerstone’s core classes are available to part-time students. Pricing for part-time classes is per credit hour and can be found listed inside the part-time student flier and application. The part-time student flier and application is published during the month before each new term begins, and the cutoff for applying is the end of the first week of classes for each new term.

Cornerstone Staff would stress that there is a huge difference in the experiences of a part-time student and a full-time student! One of the unique things about Cornerstone is the family formed by the community of students each year. A full-time student will grow and be nurtured, and have a rich and beautiful family to do that with. There is also something truly amazing about devoting an entire year to the Lord and giving Him the reins to work in you and to teach you! It’s often said that there is a hidden curriculum of learning; yes, there is the scholastic learning, but also a leaning that happens in your heart through the working of the Lord. Part-time students get to join in this partially if they desire, but the extent is not the same.

Q: Are there afternoon, night, or on-line classes available?
A: There are currently no afternoon, night or on-line classes; 7:30am-12:00pm, Tuesday through Friday is when Cornerstone offers classes. There is, however, a three-hour requirement one night a week attached to the Old Testament Survey course. This requirement is similar to a lab at a university and is called “Reading Night.”

Q: Can I get a degree from Cornerstone?
A: Currently, Cornerstone offers only a certificate program. Cornerstone College is authorized by the State of Oregon to confer a Degree of Associates of Arts in Biblical and Ministry Studies upon graduates of its two-year program. Currently, this two-year program is unavailable. The first year of the program is the same as the nine-month School of Ministry program (upon completion of which students receive a Certificate of Biblical and Ministry Studies). The framework for Cornerstone’s second year is in place, but it is still under development. Therefore, at this time there is not a specific start date for the AA program.

Q: Is Cornerstone Accredited?
A: Cornerstone College is authorized by the State of Oregon but is not currently and accredited institution. At this time we have an articulation agreement with Corban University for the transfer of 16 credits from the core classes of our nine-month School of Ministry program. In the case of credit transfer to other universities, it is dependent upon the other universities’ registrars whether or not credits will be accepted after a review of an individual’s Cornerstone transcript.

Q: Can I get financial aid for Cornerstone?
A: Since Cornerstone is not currently an accredited institution, FAFSA and other federal and state financial aid are unavailable to our students.

Q: Can I get loans deferred because of being enrolled at Cornerstone?
A: Since Cornerstone is not currently an accredited institution, loan deferment is unavailable to our students.

Q: Can I get a scholarship to Cornerstone?
A: Cornerstone has available an extremely limited number of scholarships. Scholarships do not apply to fall term tuition, as this first term is used as a trial period to review the scholarship applicant’s excellence as a student and participation as a member of Cornerstone’s community. Scholarships will be awarded not later than the first week of winter term, and may apply to winter and/or spring term. Applications for scholarships are available upon request, and are due at the beginning of the academic year.

Q: Where are Cornerstone alumni today?
A: Some examples include: Sarah (serving with Wycliffe), Keren (serving trafficked girls and women), Katelyn West (serving as a nurse), Rory Rogers (serving as a husband, father, & pastor of Calvary Chapel Prineville), Isaiah DeVrylder (serving with Corvallis House of Prayer), Rachel Lang (seving as a wife, mother, home staging designer, & at OSU Federal CU), Matt Sabo (serving as a husband, father, writer, missionary with SIM, & pastor of Calvary Chapel Gloucester (CCG)), Brenton Sabo (serving at Starbucks & as a pastor at CCG),Parker Smith (serving as a painter, student, & middle school ministry leader), Garrett Smith (serving as a painter, with groundskeeping at CCC, & as a middle school ministry leader), Amber Knudson (serving as a wife, with Renew Church, & BeLoved Montessori), Bryce Knudson (serving as a husband & with Renew Church),Hannah Hamilton (serving as a worship leader, musician, & student), Jonny Duran (serving as a worship leader, musician, & student), Jens Odegard (serving as a husband, father, elder for CCC, & on staff at OSU), Scott & AJ Schindler (serving one another in their marriage & serving students at Western Oregon University), Zach & Bethany Olson (serving one another in their marriage, serving in realty with Keller Williams, & in arts & culture), Jeremiah Wilson (serving in arts & culture through Archer’s Rise & film-making, & serving the international community in Corvallis) . . . Join the legacy!

For more detailed information about Cornerstone see our Handbook:

Catalog & Student Handbook 2017-18