Spring Term Classes

Old Testament Survey III
Survey of the biblical books of Genesis through Malachi with emphasis upon the message, major themes, structure, and distinctive features.

New Testament General Letters
An expositional and survey study of the General Epistles, keying in on the message, structure, and distinctive features of each letter. Special emphasis will be given to issues of ministry in contexts of physical and doctrinal adversity.

Book of Romans
An expositional study through the book of Romans, emphasizing the central themes of the love and grace of God, His sovereignty, the finished work of Jesus Christ, depravity of man, justification by faith, sanctification through unity with Christ, and life in the Holy Spirit.

Gospels and the Life of Christ
As they survey the Gospels, this course helps students grow in their awareness of God’s love for them and grow in their love for Him and for one another. The purpose is Love.

Christian Theology III
Survey of Christian doctrine, emphasizing a systematic approach to studying the essential teachings of the Christian faith as revealed in God’s Holy Word; Including:

  • Theology Proper: God
  • Bibliology: The Bible
  • Ecclesiology: The Church
  • Christology: Jesus Christ
  • Soteriology: Salvation.